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Conversing with the Ego

Have you talked to your Ego lately? Mine is always chatting me up and trying to convince me that I’m so super amazing that if I don’t react to THIS or THAT then I will crumble and die. It occasionally likes to tell me I’m a loser and that I ain’t gettin’ no respect!

In the past I’ve let this ego-driven voice lead me down all kinds of dangerous paths. Lets be honest, it will probably happen again, too, because learning is a process. BUT recently, I’ve had some success with interrupting that process and instead inviting my ego into a conversation. I ask it questions like:

What’s wrong?

Why is this bothering you so much?

Why do you feel hurt or afraid or ignored?

What are you losing or gaining in this experience?

I’ve found that answers can be very instructive in how I can deal with daily challenges or how I can choose better ways to react to sticky and prickly situations. These answers also help me figure out the best way forward beyond the situation in front of me, because sometimes the Ego is right and I do need to stand up for myself, but sometimes it’s really wrong and operating from a place of self-consciousness.

I have to investigate so that I can figure out the scope of the problem or issue before I go off half-cocked and try to deal with things reactively rather than from a centered place of safety and abundance.

Sometimes it’s ok to let things go so that I can make room for other, better things in my life, or just make room for tranquility and breathing, or make room for willingness and change.

I’m not one of those people who totally disregards the ego — but I know that an over-active ego can signal imbalance in my life, and a need to go back into myself and shore myself up.

The overactive ego can sometimes signal when I’m getting so self conscious that I don’t know who I am anymore or what I’m about. That’s when it’s time to slow down and pay attention to my life and the things I’m trying to control that I can’t control.

The goal isn’t to shut off my emotions or humanity — I’m not Spock; the goal is to observe and witness those emotions, and acknowledge them and their place in my human experience.

Then I can accept . . . and release.



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